Recent data from ICRI on Stubble Burning Incidents

ICRI-Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) recently published its data on stubble burning incidents.


  • This report was published at the time when Delhi and its adjoining states are reeling from a thick blanket of smog and deadly fumes.
  • As a result of this, government has shut schools and take emergency measures to control pollution.
  • The Supreme Court also noted that, it has become a trend to blame farmers and their practice of stubble burning for all the pollution in Delhi.

Findings of the report

  • As per report, stubble burning incidents in the year 2021 are considerably lower in most states, with exception in Haryana.
  • In Haryana, stubble burning incidents has increased by 48.5 per cent in between September 15 and November 13, 2021.
  • In Punjab, the cumulative number of such incident is 21 per cent lesser as compared to However, since October 13, Punjab witnessed a 53.3 per cent jump in stubble burning incidents.

Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)

IARI is commonly known as the Pusa Institute. It is the national Institute for agricultural research, education & extension in India. The institute is originally called as Pusa Institute because it was located in Pusa Bihar in 1911 with the name “Imperial Institute of Agricultural Research”. In the year 1919, it was renamed as Imperial Agricultural Research Institute. The institute was located to Delhi in 1936, after a major earthquake in Pusa. The IARI was responsible for research leading to “Green Revolution in India” in 1970s. IARI is financed and administered by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).




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