Rare spiders sighted in Western Ghats

Researchers have discovered rare huntsman and jumping spider in the Western Ghats belong to the Sparassidae and Salticidae families.
They were discovered by the research team of arachnologists led by Dr. P.A. Sebastian, Director of the Division of Arachnology in Sacred Heart College, Kochi in Kerala.
Huntsman spider- It was sighted at Ponmudi, Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. These spiders are known for their speed and unique hunting mode. Sometimes they hide in the ambush and surprise the prey.
Some of these spiders make a substrate-borne sound when they detect a chemical left by a nearby female of their species.
Jumping spider- It was sighted at the Malayattoor and Bhoothathankettu reserve forest. These spiders jump from one place to another like a grasshopper.
The jumping spider was given the name Stenaelurillus albus due to the presence of a unique whitish area on the copulatory organ of the male spider.
The discovery is considered unique as only 17 species of jumping spider having mating plugs have been reported of the approximate 5,800 jumping spiders recorded.



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