Prominent gastroenterologist Rangabashyam passed away

Renowned surgical gastroenterologist, surgeon and teacher, N. Rangabashyam, passed away.

About Dr. Rangabashyam

DoctorDr. Rangabashyam was a groundbreaker in the field of surgical gastroenterology and proctology — that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the colon, rectum, and anus — in India. Celebrated for his achievements by reputed institutions across the world, Dr. Rangabashyam started his distinguished career with a brief work in general surgery at Thanjavur. He joined Madras Medical College where he was appointed Professor of Gastroenterology.

Unique Achievements of Dr. Rangabashyam:
  • He was the first person to start a separate department for Surgical Gastroenterology in Thanjavur, and later became its head.
  • He also started the first M.Ch. (Surgical Gastroenterology) degree course in India.
  • He was the first to start ostomy department at MMC, enterostomal therapy diploma for nurses.
  • He was the first to introduce staplers in surgery in the country, perform laparostomies, and one of the pioneers of hepatobiliary surgery in the country.
  • He made major contributions in the field of colitis, bowel cancer and other gastro-intestinal cancers, portal hypertension and bowel disease in the tropics.
  • He contributed chapters to the Oxford Textbook of Surgery and in the Recent Advances in Surgery series.