President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurates Kerala Tourism’s Muziris Heritage Project

President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the first phase Kerala Tourism’s Muziris Heritage Project (MHP) at Trissur in Kerala to reinstate the historical and cultural significance Muziris.
The project is Kerala Government’s first green Project and India’s largest heritage conservation project. President also launched the website of the MHP.
MHP is supported by the Union Government and seeks to conserve ancient seaport of Muziris and showcase its culture of 3000 years.
The project also will play important role in the Spice Route initiative launched by Kerala Tourism with the help of UNESCO to revive state’s historic trade ties with 41 countries of the world.

About Ancient Muziris

  • Muziris was an ancient seaport and urban centre which dates from at least the 1st century BC and located at the mouth of the Periyar River in Kerala.
  • It was a key centre for trade and hub of the spice route in ancient times between southern India on one side and Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Roman Empire on the other side.
  • Its historic importance has been mentioned in the bardic Sangam literature and a number of classical European historical sources.



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