PRAAPTI App and Web portal launched to bring transparency in electricity payments to Generators

The Union Ministry of Power has launched web portal ( and app namely PRAAPTI (Payment Ratification And Analysis in Power procurement for bringing Transparency in Invoicing of generators). The webportal and app aims to bring transparency in power purchase transactions between Generators and Discoms.

Key Features

The PRAAPTI app and web Portal will capture invoicing and payment data for various long term Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) from power generation companies (generators). This will help stakeholders in getting month-wise and legacy data on outstanding amounts of Discoms against power purchase.
The PRAAPTI app will also allow users to know the details related to payments made by Discoms to power generators and when they were made.  It will also enable consumers to evaluate financial performance of their Discoms in terms of payments being made to generators.
The PRAAPTI portal will also help DISCOMs and GENCOs to reconcile their outstanding payments. It will facilitate relative assessment of various State DISCOMs on ease of making payments to various generators and will also help make transactions in power Sector more transparent.



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