Pooja Thakur- first woman officer to lead guard of honour at Rashtrapathi Bhavan

Wing Commander Pooja Thakur has become the first woman officer to lead the ceremonial Guard of Honour at Rashtrapathi Bhavan.
On 25 January 2015, she led the ceremonial Guard of Honour which was inspected by the U.S. President Barack Obama at Rashtrapathi Bhavan.
President Barack Obama is on 3 day visit to India. He is first American President to be Chief Guest of India’s Republic Day celebrations 2015.
Pooja Thakur

  • She hails from Rajasthan.
  • She belongs to the administrative branch of the Indian Air Force (IAF).
  • Currently she is posted at Disha- the publicity cell under the Directorate of Personnel Officers at the Air Force Headquarters.
  • As a sportsperson she is active in para-jumping and adventure sports.



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