PM Modi to meet Germany’s Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to visit India on November 1, 2019 for the fifth biennial Inter Governmental Consultations. She will meet PM Modi during her visit. The leaders will have separate engagement with the CEOs and business nations of both nations. The countries will discuss deepening of cooperation in traditional sectors like skill development, energy and transport


  • The Chancellor will be accompanied by several ministers and state secretaries of Federal Government
  • Germany is India’s largest trading partner in Europe. In 2018-19, the Indian exports were 8.9 billion USD. The imports from the country in the same year were 15.16 billion USD.
  • There are more than 1,700 German companies working in Germany
  • There are over 600 Indo-German joint ventures in operation
  • The German investments in India are predominantly in the sectors of electrical equipment, transportation, metallurgical industries, chemicals, trading, construction activity, automobiles and trading.




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