PM Modi invites Japan to “Make in India”.

Modi has won many a heart in Japan too. The Japan visit has highlighted some very interesting and undiscovered traits of his colorful personality. His demeanor, style and eloquence has placed in a new league of international statesmen who are heading the topmost nations of the world. He has been known for his extempore unscripted speeches which usually strike a chord with all those who get a chance to listen to him. In addition to it, he amazed the Japanese and international audience by his unique ways to break the status quo by being an active and curious participant of every event he visited, taking time to talk to people and other exchanges.
Japan and India relations have definitely started a new chapter of more warm and strategic relations. A lot can be owed to the aura of the two leaders who are immensely popular in their nations, have majority support and also are known for being decisive. Modi’s vision for India has been very well conveyed along with the importance he attached to the role of Japan in fulfilling it.
In his effort to invite Japanese businesses to invest in India and encourage them to manufacture in India, he presented a very strong case especially by stating that his government has replaced the hitherto ‘red tape’ with ‘red carpet’ for all those who want to do business in India. Sticking to his style of effective speeches, he made strong arguments which work in favor for India as a new destination for manufacturing. The new case was of three Ds- Democracy, Demography and Demand which he said were the basic needs of every businessman and the essentials for the businesses to operate smoothly and expand. Mr. Modi has already promised a special channel for all clearances for licenses via PMO to help the overseas investors to overcome hurdles.
The trip has generated a lot of positive energy and is sure to bring in lot of investment to India. Indians are happy with the performance of the new government in its 100 day show and are willing to give it more time to prove its mettle. The new leap in GDP has brought back smiles to many Indians. The markets are upbeat. The good days if not back as yet will definitely return soon.



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