PM Modi emphasizes on “Digital India”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his maiden Independence Day speech from the Red Fort shared his dream of a “Digital India”. He wondered what a quality education the children in villages will get, if all the villages of India are connected with Broadband Connectivity and if we are able to give long distance education to the schools in every remote corner of the villages. If we establish a network of telemedicine in the places where there is a deficit of doctors, we can set a clear guideline of the way in which health facilities have to be provided to the poor people living in those areas.
He called upon the countrymen to move towards the direction of mobile governance. A direction where every poor person is able to operate his bank account from his mobile, is able to ask for various things from the government, can submit applications, can perform all his business, while on the move, through mobile governance. He said that all this can be done by moving towards creation a ‘Digital India’.
His idea of ‘Digital India’ is not limited to just connectivity but also includes domestically manufacturing electronic goods like televisions, mobile phones, i-pads etc. which we import in large amount. If we move ahead with the dream of ‘digital India’ to manufacture electronic goods and become self reliant at least there, it would be of great relief for the treasury. He said that the idea of ‘digital India’ should also be driven by e-governance which he called “easy governance, effective governance and also economic governance”. E-governance paves the way for good governance. He said that IT that has the potential to connect each and every citizen of the country and we can realize the motto of unity with the help of ‘Digital India’.



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