PM launches new science policy

PM Manmohan Singh inaugurated a new science policy, the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STI) 2013that lays greater emphasis on innovation, setting up research institutes and encouraging women scientists with an aspiration to place itself among the top five scientific powers in the world by 2020.

The policy is a revision of the 2003 policy which sought to bring science and technology together and stressed on the need for greater investment into R&D to address national problems.

Aim: To accelerate the pace of discovery, diffusion and delivery of science-led solutions for serving the aspirational goals of India for faster, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Key objectives of STI Policy 2013:

Modify the intellectual property regime to provide for marching rights for social good when supported by public funds and co-sharing of patents generated in the public private partnership mode.

  • Create a policy environment for enhanced private sector collaboration in research and innovation and to form international alliances to fulfill the national agenda.
  • Increasing gross expenditure in R&D to 2% of GDP from the current 1% in this decade by supporting increased private sector participation.
  • Expedite the pace of discovery and delivery of science-led solutions for faster, sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • Engender an atmosphere for innovative abilities to flourish by leveraging partnerships among diverse stakeholders and by encouraging and facilitating enterprises to invest in innovations.
  • Make careers in science, research and innovation lucrative, setting up world-class infrastructure for R&D for gaining global leadership in some select frontier areas of science.
  • Linking contributions of science, research and innovation system with the inclusive economic growth agenda and combining priorities of excellence and relevance.
  • India introduced its first Scientific Policy Resolution in 1958 which was directed to "foster, promote and sustain" the cultivation of science and scientific research in all its aspects.
  • It focused on the need to attain technological competence and self reliance.



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