K K Paul appointed as Uttarakhand Governor

Krishan Kant Paul is appointed as Uttarakhand governor for the remainder of his term. Earlier, he was governor of Meghalay and was appointed on July 8, 2013. Now he will also continue to hold additional charge of Manipur state till further orders from President.
He will replace, Aziz Qureshi who has been transferred to Meghalaya as Governor for the remainder of his term in recent reshuffle of governors. Aziz Qureshi was appointed as Governor of Uttarakhand in May 2012.
This recent reshuffle of governors was announced by official press communiqué from Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Constitutional provisions of Governor
Article 153: It says that there shall be Governor for each state. But 7th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1956 facilitated the appointment of the same person as a governor for two or more states.
Article 156: Governor is appointed by President and hold office during the pleasure of President. It should be also noted that this article also mentions tenure of Governor. In this regard it says that Governor shall hold office for the term of 5 years from date he enters upon his office.



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