Seven pacts signed b/w India and Egypt

India and Egypt agreed to intensify defense relationship. Both the nations have inked seven agreements most of them aimed at building framework for a robust relationship in future.

Egypt President Mohammed Morsy, who was on India visit, also made it clear that Egypt would also look towards China for support especially in the domain of heavy manufacturing while ties with India would be explored in the area of small and medium enterprises as well as the defence sector. He had expressed intention to join BRICS. He voiced a greater role for the Non Aligned Movement (India and Egypt were among the major pillars during its hey days) and favored a multi-polar world.

The seven pacts signed include a MoU on cyber security, setting up a IT centre in Egypt’s Al Azhar University, cooperation in the field of intellectual property rights and prevention of illicit traffic of antiquities. Agreements were also inked in areas relating to I.T. where both sides intend expediting cooperation.




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