October 27: World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2021

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is observed on October 27, every year.

World day for Audiovisual Heritage

  • Audio-visual Heritage Day is observed with the aim of raising general awareness among people related to the need of taking urgent measures.
  • The day also acknowledges the significance of audio-visual documents.
  • It also brings the priceless heritage of these documents to notice, telling the stories of lives & cultures from across the world.
  • The day also sensitize people across the world for conserving and safeguarding valuable audio-visual resources for future generations.

Why this day is significant?

The world, particularly the younger generation, is going digital in every significant aspect of life. Thus, this is significant as it reminds that even though we are moving forward, it is important to carry heritage so that it does not get lost. It encourages the preservation of work of professionals against the range of political, technical, social, financial, and other factors that threatens the safeguards of audio-visual heritage.

Theme of the day

The Audio-visual Heritage Day 2021 was observed under the theme “Your Window to the World”. The theme highlights that, audio-visual sources provide a window in the form of documentary heritage objects, to the world.

History of the day

This day was adopted by the 21st General Conference  of the recommendations, in the year 1980, in a bid to safeguard and preserve the moving images. The day was declared by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural organization) on October 27, 2005.




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