October 15: International Day of Rural Women

The International Day for Rural Women is observed on October 15, every year.

Theme of the day

International Day for Rural Women 2021 is observed under the theme “Rural women cultivating good food for all”.

Key Points

  • This day focuses on gender equality and helps in empowering women in rural areas.
  • It also recognises the contribution and critical role played by rural women, including the indigenous women, in enhancing the agricultural & rural development, eradicating rural poverty and improving food security.

United Nations Report on Women workforce

  • As per United Nations report, 40% of the total agricultural labour force across the developing countries are women. In South American countries, 20% of the labour force is women while in Asia and Africa, about 50% of agricultural labour force is women.
  • Report also states that, if these women are provided with equal opportunities can boost the agricultural production by 2.5 to 4 percent.
  • Equal opportunities can also reduce the number of people having malnourishment to 17 percent, from 12 percent.

What are the concerns?

Even after comprising of almost half the workforce, these women do not enjoy equal rights and share as the male counterparts enjoy. Women face discrimination in access to resources, participation in decision making, equal pay, credit & market for their farms and land & livestock ownership.

Background of the day

The International day for Rural Women was established by United Nations General Assembly on December 18, 2007, thorough its resolution 62/136.




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