October 15: International Day of Rural Women

The International Day of Rural Women is commemorated every year by the United Nations. It was first passed under a resolution in 2007. The role of rural women is important to fulfil the vision of SDG – Sustainable Development Goals. The 3 main goals namely ending poverty and hunger, empower women and girls, achieve food security can be achieved only by improving the role of rural women in every aspect of global development

Theme: Rural Women and girls building climate resilience


Rural women play a major role in food security, agriculture, land and resource management, nutrition and domestic care work. One in three rural women are employed in agriculture. They are at the front battle lines when natural resource and agriculture are threatened. This is mainly because, around 80% of households without piped water all over the world till today rely on women to collect water.

On the International Day of Rural Women, the UN Women Community along with other organizations are drawing attention towards implementation of following commitments

  • UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – Gender Action Plan
  • Call for actions to support capacities of rural women towards climate change through agricultural production and food security.




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