OBC Sub-Categorization Comission

The Union Government had, in October 2017, constituted a special Commission under article 340 which was to examine the issues of the sub-categorization of the Other Backward Classes who are granted 27% reservation as part of India’s affirmative action program.

What was the commission supposed to do?

  • The commission was to examine the alleged inequitable distribution of benefits of reservation which have occurred amongst the various sub-castes or communities which are part of the broad category of Other Backward Classes.
  • It was also supposed to work out the mechanism, criteria, norms, and parameters in a scientific approach for sub-categorization (if any) was to be carried out in the Other Backward Classes.
  • The panel is headed by retired Delhi High Court Chief Justice G. Rohini and also has other members.
  • The commission was supposed to complete and submit its report within 12 weeks.
  • However, it has already been granted multiples extensions by the Union Government.

Why was it necessary?

While there are nearly 2700 odd castes in the OBC list, only a select few castes have availed the maximum benefits of the reservation while most of availed no benefits at all.

Why is it in the news?

The OBC commission was granted an extension of 6 months by the Union Cabinet. The report is now due in January 2020.



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