Obama Game Plan to face ISIS

President Obama has been lately facing lot of criticism in national and international circles for not having a clear strategy to deal with ISIS menace which is fast growing in the West Asia. The murderous tactics and advance of the militants has sent freezing messages across the world.
US began air-strikes against the unabated advance of ISIS in the Iraqi territory clubbed with mass executions, gave a suitable setback to the militant outfit. This infuriated the barbaric club which led to merciless beheading of two US journalists accompanied by chilling messages which dared America to stop the strikes or face the wrath of the group.
Taking timely note of the situation, US President Barack Obama has finally come out strong in a tough worded message for the young caliphate bearers. President Obama has vowed to soon tackle the ISIS menace in a way that will blunt, degrade and defeat ISIS gradually.
The plan which is spread over a number of steps will be announced by the President in his Wednesday speech. Obama acknowledged the fact that the militants cannot be defeated by airstrikes alone and thus need to be supplemented with proper strategy and control. The USA will carry out a systematic campaign which will begin from protecting its personnel to sheer offensve approach.
It also envisages to train, advise and support the Iraqi military and well equip Kurdish fighters to maintain control and also regain the territory they have lost to the forces.



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