“Nirbheek”- India's first gun for women

A 6-shot cylinder revolver, “Nirbheek” is the India’s first gun for women to defend themselves. This 0.32 bore light weight revolver is designed and manufactured to give tribute to December 2012 gang-rape victim Nirbhaya.
 About India’s ‘handgun for women’ – “Nirbheek”

  • Manufacturer: Ordnance Factories Board, Kanpur.
  • Unit cost: Rs.122,360.00
  • Feed system: 6-shot Cylinder.
  • Weight: 525 g.
  • Length: 177.8 mm.
  • Uses .32 caliber bullets with an effective fire range of 50 ft.
  • Has a titanium-alloy body and wooden handle.
  • Designed by arms experts as an Indian hybrid of a Webley & Scott and Smith & Wesson.


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