New Track Construction (NTC) Machine Used for the First Time by Indian Railways

Indian Railways has, for the first time, used the New Track Construction (NTC) machine in order to construct the Khurja-Dadri Section of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor. At present, seven such machines have been deployed along the Dedicated Freight Corridor alignment.

Four out of these seven machines are deployed in the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor whereas the rest are deployed in the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor.

The Khurja-Dadri Section is the link between the Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight Corridors on which freight trains run at a speed of 100 kmph ensuring fast logistics movement.

What is NTC Machine?

It has the capability to construct 1.5 km track per day. The Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited has been given the task of laying down the entire length of the track. This machine helps in bringing substantial ease and efficiency in track construction with integrated logistic arrangements for mechanized handling, movement and also carrying the heavy track components.




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