New Official Logo of Labour Bureau launched

Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Shri Santosh Kumar Gangwar launched the official logo of the Labour Bureau.

The newly launched logo displays the three goals of the Labour Bureau i.e. Accuracy, Validity, and Reliability. It also indicates the Labour Bureau as a data-based organization that deals in data pertaining to workers and work.

The “Blue wheel” of the logo is a cogwheel that represents work and the blue colour signifies the Labour Bureau deals with the blue-collar workers. The “tricolored graph” resembles the colors of the National flag. It also has “wheat ears” which implies the fruit of rural agricultural labor.

Establishment of Labour Bureau

The Labour Bureau is an office under the Labour Ministry which was established as a Directorate of Cost of Living in 1941.

Later in 1946, the Labour Bureau was set up to formulate more comprehensive labor statistics in the context of the creation of labor policy.

What is the function of the Labour Bureau?

The Labour Bureau is engaged with the collection, compilation, research,  evaluation, and dissemination of statistics on different aspects of labor at the All India level.




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