New Methods for Quantum Chemistry

Indian scientists from IIT Bombay are working to develop free and efficient software for quantum chemistry research. Their work is expected to have major implications for cancer treatment.

Quantum Chemistry

Quantum chemistry is a branch of science that makes use of principles of quantum mechanics in chemistry. It is a relatively new branch that studies the chemical properties of molecules using the ‘Schrodinger equation’ instead of the lab experiments.

About the Research

The scientists at the IIT Bombay are trying to develop free and efficient softwares for the quantum chemistry. The newly developed methods allows the solving of the ‘Schrodinger equation’ for electrons’ attachment to DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) in bulk aqueous environment. The team has identified a doorway mechanism in this process.

Implications of the Research

This electron attachment process is an important part of radiation damage to cells. This implies that the research’s findings could have major implications for radiation therapy used in cancer treatment. It can also help in the development of new class of radio-sensitizers.



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