New Meat Alternatives With 3D Printing

On December 28, 2021, Israeli foodtech firm SavorEat launched a plant-based burger system, that has been personalized to each customer.


  • SavorEat has become one of the first companies to use 3D printing technology on cook food.
  • Usually, vegan burgers from companies such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are frozen and cooked on a grill later.
  • But the SavorEat’s technology are made on site by a self-contained 3D printer, comprising of three cartridges containing oils and other ingredients.
  • Through this technology, customers can also choose how much fat and protein they want in each burger.
  • The burger takes about six minutes to cook.
  • These burgers are made with a combination of potato, chickpea and pea protein.
  • In initial phase, burgers will be served at local burger chain.

Funding to SavorEat

SavorEat is funded mainly by Israeli institutions. On December 28, the Tel Aviv-listed shares increased by 11 percent.

Other collaborating companies

SavorEat is also collaborating with food service firm called Yarzin Sela. Yarzin Sela supplies Israeli high-tech companies. SavorEat also signed a deal with Sodexo for serving its vegan burgers to US universities.


Demand for meat alternatives by health & environmentally conscious consumers has increased in recent years. The alternative protein start-ups had raised roughly Rs. 22,418 crores in 2020 itself.


Flexitarian is the one who is centered on plant foods, but occasionally eat meat.  In United States, there is a growing community of people called “flexitarian”. The people are trying to look for meat alternatives for reducing their meat consumption. They make about one-third of the US population.




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