New E-NAM Features launched by the Agricultural Ministry

On April 2, 2020, the Union Ministry of Agriculture launched new features of National Agriculture Market. This aims to strengthen agricultural marketing of farmers. The main objective of the features are to reduce the congestion at mandis that will help fight against COVID-19.


The Ministry has launched new software modules on the E-NAM platform. They include

  • Warehouse based modules that will facilitate trade from warehouses itself. This helps to save expenses. The farmers can sell their produce anywhere across the nation. The prices will get stabilized maintaining supply and demand.
  • FPO (Farmer Producer Organization) based modules. These modules help the FPOs to trade their produce at their collection centres itself.
  • Trackable transport facilities for inter-state and inter-mandi trade.

Current Scenario

According to the Agricultural Ministry, currently there are 585 mandis operating in 16 states have been integrated with the e-NAM portal. There are plans to expand e-NAM to add 415 more mandis to the platform.




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