National Green Tribunal orders halt to all constructions going in Noida and Greater Noida

The National Green Tribunal has ordered an interim injunction on all the construction activities running in Noida and Greater Noida.

Why this ban?

The Tribunal noticed that construction activities have violated environmental standards as it will require huge underground water drawing for construction which will further deplete and pollute water table in this area which has already gone down tremendously. The Tribunal also noted that the underground water used by builders for construction hardly re-percolates into earth for the fact that it is a tree-free zone, has a concrete base, and water largely is wasted as it flows into the drains. The constructions have also violated the guidelines by the Central Ground Water Authority and builders had no proof of receiving environmental clearance from the state government as it is necessary for builders who are raising the construction of 20,000 square metres and above to take environmental clearance under the relevant rules from the State Government.



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