Moon crash site named after Sally Ride

imageNASA has honored Sally Ride, the first woman in space who died  earlier this year, by naming a crash site of a pair of spacecrafts Ebb and Flow. Both were deliberately crashed into a mountain near the moon’s north pole.

About Sally Ride:

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About Ebb and Flow:

They were launched in September, 2011 with a focus to measure moon’s lumpy gravity field in a bid to learn more about its interior and early history. They flew in formation and produced the most detailed gravity maps of any body in the solar system. They discovered that the lunar crust is much thinner than scientists had imagined. And it was severely battered by asteroids and comets in the early years of the solar system more than previously thought. Its data also quash the theory that Earth once had two moons that collided and melded into the one.



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