Modi – Xi informal summit town Mamallapuram – Traded with China 2000 years ago

While the Pallavas sea port Mamallapuram is getting a historic fillip for India – China meet next week, archaeological evidences show that trade links between them existed since ancient times. The Land of Dragon (China) traded silk, pots with the ancient sea port Mamallapuram 2000 years ago.


  • The Celadon ware (pottery) that were recovered from the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu belonged to first and second centuries. They give clues to Chinese maritime activities.
  • Along with Mamallapuram, the Kancheepuram district in Tamil Nadu also had links with China. Chinese coins dating to the same period were found here
  • The ancient poems “Pattinapalai” that was written in Sangam period (1st to 6th century BC) cites anchorage of Chinese ships in the east coast of Tamil Nadu.
  • The Chinese text Han Annals written in the same period as that of Sangam period has reference with the Tamil country.
  • Emperor Wei (185 – 149 BC) has sent gifts to the rulers of Tamil Nadu.




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