Moclic software – can predict weather

Researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) designed the software Monitoring Climate Change (Moclic) by which anyone is able to determine their community, state or country’s weather activity for the days and months ahead.

Characteristics of Monitoring Climate Change (Moclic) software
  • It is possible to organize, store and operate geo-referenced data from climate elements.
  • Can calculate bio and agro-climatic indicators, such as humidity, aridity, rain erosion and rainfall concentration.
  • The new software feeds on data from weather stations of any state or country, with which what happens in a small ranch regarding temperature, can be known more accurately. Presently, the software we are using till date uses global information.
  • Allows an agronomist to obtain annual rainfall records and relate them to the crops production figures for explanation of a possible event.

The software is very simple and can be used by decision making characters, as governors, breeders, physicians, farmers, students or anyone whose repercussions could have economic politic or social effects.



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