Misao Okawa, Worlds oldest person dies in Japan at age 117

Misao Okawa, the World’s oldest person on 1 April 2015 died in Japan at the age of 117 and 27 days.
She was awarded the Guinness World Records title of oldest living person as well as the oldest living woman on 27 February 2013, a few days before her 115th birthday.
She was born in on 5 March 1898 in Osaka city of Japan. She is survived by three children and four grandchildren, six great-grandchildren.
Okawa was the 30th verified person who had reached the age of 115, the 10th verified person to reach the age of 116 and the 5th verified person to reach the age of 117.
Now the oldest living person is Sakari Momoi from Japan. He had turned 112 in February 2015.
According to Guinness World Records, the oldest person who has ever lived was Jeanne Calment of France. She had lived 122 years and 164 days and had died in August 1997.



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