May 2: World Tuna Day

Every year, World Tuna Day is observed by the United Nations to spread the importance of conservation of the Tuna Fish species. The tuna and tuna like species are economically important for both developing and developed countries.


The United Nations passed a resolution in 2016 and the world Tuna Day is being observed since 2017. The day is marked to prevent tuna fish stocks from crashing.

SDG 14

Several countries are dependent on tuna resources for nutrition and food security, revenue, livelihood, recreation, economic development. The day hence helps to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 14, that is Life Below Water. It aims to conserve and sustainably use seas, oceans and marine resources.


Every year more than 7 million tonnes of tuna fishes are harvested. The tuna fish account to 20% of marine capture of fisheries and 8% of globally traded sea food. The United Nations suggests implementing legal framework of the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) as the tuna stocks in the world oceans are declining.

According to Food and Agriculture Organization there are more than 96 countries that are involved in conservation of tuna fishes.


The COVID-19 has increased the demand for canned Tuna in the world.




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