Manipur: Festival of Dance and Music “Nata Sankirtana”

“Nata-Sankirtana” festival was started at the Mandap of Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy (JNMDA), Imphal, from September 30, 2021.


  • The festival is a three-day festival of Dance and Music.
  • It is the annual features of the Academy’s activities.
  • Manipur is known for its rich culture and tradition inherited from forefathers and Sports. Thus, to protect and promote the culture and tradition for the future generations government is taking up several activities in the state.
  • The government is also monitoring the income generation and employment generation for unemployed youths and taking up several schemes like ‘start up’.

Different sessions of the festival

  • Inaugural session of the Nata Sankirtana was attended by artistes from different organizations of Nata Sankirtana, students of JNMDA as well as gurus & other eminent personalities.
  • On the first day of festival, students of JNMDA showcased Nata Sankirtana called Sheihou while artiste of Prachaya Nata Sankirtana Samaj, Khurai Thangjam Leikai, Imphal showcased Nata Sankirtana called Sheisin.
  • Second day of the festival will mark the performance by artiste of Public Theatre Artiste Association in Phoijing, Nambol. They will perform Nata Sankirtana ( Sheihou). On the other hand, artiste of Indra Kala Bhavan from Moirang will perform Nata Sankirtana (Sheisin).
  • Last day of the festival will be marked by performance of artiste from Nata Sangeet Academy & Research Centre, Yaiskul Janmasthan, Imphal. They will perform Nata Sankirtana (Sheihou).

Nata Sankirtana

In classical Ragas, Nata sankirtana is a hymn of lord Krishna that synthesizes seevral indigenous rhythms. Sankirtana follows a strict code in its performance with rhythms pattern and costumes that are determined by specific rules & regulation. Sankirtana is performed to mark important occasions in person’s life such as from birth to death. UNESCO had recognized Manipur Nata Sankirtana in 2013.




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