Maharashtra becomes first state to launch cyber police stations in all districts

Maharashtra became the first state in the country to have a cyber-police station in each district to take on cyber criminals.
In this regard, state government is converting 42 state-of-the-art cybercrime labs into cyber police stations simultaneously.
Key Facts

  • These cyber police stations will also be set up at police commissionerate and Range IG offices.
  • Any offence related to cybercrime will be registered in these police stations at district level.
  • Besides, additional cyber police stations will also be set up in some cities.

The cyber-crime wing of Maharashtra government had proposed to set up 51 cyber-crime labs across the state take on cyber criminals. These included 34 labs at the district level, 7 labs at Inspector General’s offices, 9 labs at Commissioner of Police offices and 1 lab at the state police headquarters. Earlier in August 2016, state government had inaugurated 34 well equipped cyber labs in all districts.
Why there is need to launch cyber police stations?

  • In last few years, cyber-crime in Maharashtra has risen by a whopping 142.1%. Even cybercrime cases in tier-II cities and also in rural areas also have increased in Maharashtra.
  • For the normal local police stations, tackling cyber-crimes is a daunting task owing to lack technical knowledge and of proper training.
  • However, the cyber labs have trained manpower and modern equipment to deal with the new age crimes in the cyber world.