Ladakh gets its First FM Radio Station

On December 14, 2021, Ladakh received its first ever FM radio station in the capital city Leh.

Key points

  • The first-ever Top FM radio in Leh was launched by Advisor of Ladakh, Umang Narula.
  • The frequency for Leh & Kargil will be 91.1 FM.
  • It will cover 50 kilometres aerial distance in radius.

About FM broadcasting

FM broadcasting is a method of radio broadcasting by means of frequency modulation (FM). American engineer Edwin Armstrong had invented it in 1933. Wide-band FM is used for providing high fidelity sound over broadcast radio across the world. FM broadcasting is capable of higher fidelity. FM is used for most broadcasts of general audio or music. FM radio stations uses very high frequency range of radio frequencies.

FM broadcasting in India

FM broadcasting in India started in 1977. However, it boomed after 2001 when privatisation of FM broadcasting started in India. FM LRS (Local Radio Station) of All India Radio was inaugurated on July 1, 2001. It was set up in Kodaikanal in the frequency of 100.5 MHz. This channel covered a radius of around 200 km because of its location at 2200 meters above MSL. Currently, there are more than 369 operational private radio stations across 101 cities and towns in India. All India Radio has around 450 FM stations. It covers 39% of the area and 52% of the population in India.

History of FM in India

FM broadcasting started on July 23, 1977 in Chennai. It was expanded during 1990s.




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