Kerala Sets Up First Line Treatment Centres for COVID 19 Treatment

The Kerala Government has decided to set up 187 COVID First-Line Treatment Centres (FLTCs) for the COVID patients in the state. These centres, set up in collaboration with the local bodies across the state, will have 305 doctors, 572 nurses and other paramedical staff available at these centres.

In order to address the fear of availability of treatment facilities to check the rising number of COVID 19 cases, the state government has also announced that the number of such first-line treatment centres will be increased to 742 very soon with total bed availability of 69200 beds.

These FLTCs will have all kinds of facilities just like any medical facility – outpatient, telemedicine facilities, ambulance services, etc. for the benefit of the patients.

These centres are going to treat the COVID 19 patients more effectively in the state. The fatality rate of the state due to COVID 19 is lower than the global average at 0.33% though the population density of the state is much higher than the national average. Also, the state is conducting more number of tests for every positive case in the state, which is also more than the number reported from the other states.




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