Karnataka observes Onake Obavva Jayanti

Karnataka government started celebration of ‘Onake Obavva Jayanti’ on the 11th of November from the year 2021.


  • The proposal to celebrate birth anniversary of Onake Obavva was made by Kannada and Culture Department.
  • Onake Obavva was a woman-soldier who had fought against Hyder Ali forces in Chitradurga in 18th century.
  • The events will be state-sponsored.

Who is Onake Obavva?

Onake Obavva was a brave woman who fought against the forces of Hyder Ali with a pestle single-handedly. She fought in the kingdom of Chitradurga in Karnataka. Her husband was a guard of a watchtower in fort of Chitradurga. She is celebrated in the state of Karnataka, along with Abbakka Rani, Kittur Chennamma and Keladi Chennamma. She belonged to Holayas (Chalavadi) community.

How is she remembered?

She is considered as ‘epitome of Kannada female pride’. The hole through which she sneaked Hyder Ali’s soldiers is called Onake Obavva Kindi. Her heroic effort is depicted in a famous song-sequence in Nagarahavu picture. The sports stadium in Chitradurga, Veera Vanithe Onake Obavva Stadium, has been named after her. The brave woman is commemorated with a statue sculpted by Ashok Gudigar. Her statue has been erected in front of the office of District Commissioner in Chitradurga.

Why is she called as ‘Onake Obavva’?

Obavva died in fight with soldiers of Tipu Sultan’s father (Hyder) while protecting the fort of Chitradurga. She fought with her ‘Onake’, due to which she was given the name ‘Onake Obavva’.




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