June 6: Russian Language Day

Every year, on June 6, the United Nations celebrated Russian Language Day. This was established by the UNESCO in 2010.

Why June 6?

The Russian Language Day is celebrated on the birth day of Aleksandr Pushkin. He was a Russian Poet and is considered as the father of modern Russian literature.

Aleksandr Pushkin

The poet published his first poem when he was 15 years old. He was born to Russian nobility in Moscow. The most famous poem of Pushkin was Ode to Liberty that led to his exile.

UN Language Days

The United Nations Language Days were launched in February 2010 to celebrate cultural diversity and multilingualism. The UN Language days promote six of the official languages of the organization. The official languages of the United Nations are English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and French. They are celebrated on

  • Arabic-December 18
  • English-April 23
  • Chinese-April 20
  • French-March 20
  • Russia-June 6




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