July 11: World Population Day

Every year, World Population Day is celebrated by United Nations. This year the day is celebrated under the following theme

Theme: “How to Safeguard the heath and rights of women and girls now” amid the pandemic.


This year, the World Population Day will focus on “Health, Rights of Women and Girls”.


Every year millions of girls are suffering from practices that harm them physically and emotionally. According to Sate of World Population, 2020 released by United Nations Population Fund, there are 4 million girls that are subjected to female genital mutilation. Therefore, it is essential to protect the heath and rights of girls and women especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The global population is estimated to have crossed 7.8 billion by March 2020. The global population is growing rapidly. It took two millennium for the world to reach 1 billion of population. However, it took only two centuries to reach 7 billion.

The human population is to reach 10 billion in 3 decades.




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