Jashne Bachpan: ‘Special’ children’s theatre festival begins at National School of Drama

The National School of Drama (NSD) has announced that it will be conducting the 12th edition of its children’s theatre festival, Jashne Bachpan. The event this year coincides with the silver jubilee year of NSD, and will focus on bringing children from underprivileged sections of the society to watch the plays free of cost.
The 14 day-long festival began on November 2. It is organized by NDS’s TIE (Theatre In Education) Company. Jashne Bachpan will include 30 plays from 18 States in 12 Indian languages. The plays of Jashne Bachpan will be presented by over 30 groups from across the country, of which 14 consist of only children. Some of the plays, involve revival of the old method of adults playing for children. A puppet play and a play for special children will also be enacted.


This year during Jashne Bachpan, TIE will also have a three day seminar entitled ‘Who needs Children’s Theater’, which will see the coming together of over 30 known personalities associated with theatre. Ten observers will also be invited to participate in the open forum.

Jashne Bachpan

Jashne Bachpan is an event to showcase the work of different theatre groups, representing multiple regions and languages, that work with and for children. Emerging and prominent theatre directors and theatre groups alike participate in this event.

Bal Sangam

Bal Sangam is a national festive organized every alternate year by the Theatre in Education company. It is a cultural mela with an education objective. It involves an ‘ensemble of various performing traditional art forms that are presented by children belonging to traditional performing families, guru-paramparas and Institutions. The main objective of Bal Sangam is to encourage children to continue traditional performances so as to preserve our cultural heritage in this rapidly changing world. While presenting a spectacular and unique confluence of performances by children of various folk & performing traditions, the Festival also includes art and craft workshops of activities like Origami, Pottery, Puppet-making, , Recycling, etc.



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