Israel’s aircraft and tanks hit militant sites in Gaza

Israeli aircraft and tanks have hit several militant sites in the Gaza strip, responding to explosive-laden incendiary balloons launched across the frontier into Israeli territory. In this attack, a woman and a child have been injured by shrapnel.

Details of the Attack

The Israeli military has stated that the targeted sites belong to Hamas, the militant group that has ruled the Gaza strip since the year 2007. The attacks were aimed at underground infrastructure and observation posts.


Israel blames Hamas for all kinds of violence emanating from Palestine. With Hamas, Israel has fought three wars and dozens of small skirmishes. Hamas orders the young Gaza activists to resume sending the incendiary balloons towards Israel, citing Israel’s refusal to release the blockade of the territory. The balloons have damaged tracts of farmland in Israel. That is why; Israel has retaliated.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict

In 1967, during the six-day war, Israeli forces captured the Golan Heights from Syria, West Bank and East Jerusalem, etc. After that, PLO was formed to give a fillip to the demand of the separate Palestine state. However, Israel did not pay heed to it. The United Nations had also proposed a two-state formula for the Arabs and the Jews in the area, but Israel did not agree to it. Now, Palestine wants the pre-1967 situation whereas Israel is not ready to concede those areas. Hamas was formed in the meantime to launch an armed attack in this regard to get the independence of Palestine. India also has supported Palestine time and again in its demand for freedom from Israeli dominance.




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