Israel Strikes continue amid truce efforts by Cairo

Israel offensive on Gaza continues into the seventh week. Israel in a fresh series of attacks is targeting the high-rise targets in Gaza suspected by Israel to house Hamas militants’ command and control centers.
The latest attack on was on a 16-floor residential complex after a prior warning to residents to leave the place by non-explosive missiles. The strike has brought down Basha Tower and also said to have wrecked the Italian complex building. These buildings are second and third most prominent buildings in Gaza after the 13-storey Al Zafer Tower was bombed before. As the residents were told to vacate the complex so only 2 people are reported to have lost their lives. 20 people have been badly wounded in attack on the Italian complex.
Cairo is making efforts to broker an indefinite halt on the offensive and opening of the crossings with Israel and Egypt alongwith widening of the fishing zone in Mediterranean. In the next stage, Cairo hopes to make the parties agree to construction of Gaza seaport and release of Hamas prisoners by Israel.
Hamas is being seen as a potent security threat by Egypt and Israel and both countries are working on possibilities to plug all weapon supply points to Gaza. US and other nations too have started pushing a resolution to UN for a ceasefire in the area as many innocents have been killed.
The death toll in Palestine is 2129 civilians with 490 children. Israel has lost 64 soldiers and 4 civilians. Apart from the glaring casualties, thousands are displaced as the strikes have flattened residential complexes, schools and mosques.



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