Iraq’s President nominates Haider Al-Abadi for the role of PM

President of Iraq Mr. Fuad Masum has nominated Dr Haider Al-Abadi for the role of country’s Prime Minister.
Masum is an Iraqi politician and spokesman for the Islamic Dawa Party. He was appointed Minister of Communications in the Iraqi Governing Council in September 2003. A Shia Muslim and electronic consultant engineer with a PhD degree from the University of Manchester, UK in 1980. Al-Abadi lived in exile in London during the reign of Saddam Hussein.
While incumbent Nouri al-Maliki seemed to hold power, the change of PM comes after the country elected Faud Masum as its new president in July, 2014. However, for the nomination to take effect, Al-Abadi must form a government and be confirmed by Parliament, within 30 days.



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