Iran unveils 3 new Air-to-Air Missiles

Iran has unveiled three precision-guided air-to-air missiles dubbed as Yasin, Balaban and new series of Ghaem. These missiles were unveiled at the time when tensions between Iran and US and its allies are at its peak.

About Missiles

Yasin: It is smart, guided missile with folding wings that can be fired from a range of 50 kilometres  of its target from manned or unmanned aircraft.

Balaban: It is guided by GPS and sensors. It is also equipped with folding wings and could be mounted under aircraft.

Ghaem: It is heat-seeking missile capable of hitting target within 50 centimetres of a target.


Tensions between Iran and West have been rising since United States under Donald Trump administration had unilaterally pulled out of 2015 international nuclear agreement (signed between Iran and world powers) in 2018. After pulling out this nuclear deal US had re-imposed sanctions for stepping up campaign of maximum pressure on Iran. Since May 2019, numerous ships have been targeted in mysterious attacks, US military drone downed by Iran and UK oil tankers seized by Iran in the strategic waters of Strait of Hormuz, a vital corridor linking oil producing countries in Middle East to markets in Asia, Europe and North America.




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