Invest India and AYUSH Ministry sets up “Strategic Policy and Facilitation Bureau”

The Ministry of AYUSH and Invest India will set up “Strategic Policy and Facilitation Bureau” to facilitate systematic growth of AYUSH sector.


The Bureau will help to make AYUSH systems future ready. It will support in making initiatives under the ministry to its full potential. Also, it will help to initiate the growth and investment of the AYUSH sector.

Invest India and the Ministry of AYUSH will collaborate to define short- and long-term targets. Also, it will deploy trained experts to implement and execute the plans of the ministry.

Invest India

Invest India ais the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of India. It was set up as non-profit organization under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). It also serves Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, State Government of India.

Functions of Invest India

It provides state-specific and sector-specific information to foreign investors. Also, it assists Indian investors in providing information about investment opportunities overseas.

Business Immunity Platform (COVID-19)

Th platform was launched in March 2020. It operates under Invest India. It is designed to help the investors get real time updates on COVID-19 and related measures.

  • It helps businessmen and investors to get real time update on COVID-19 measures.
  • It answers queries through WhatsApp and emails
  • It helps to track the developments with respect to COVID-19. This will help the business experts plan their activities related to their business.
  • It also helps to join dots to find matching suppliers.
  • The platform will help the startups and MSMEs showcase their solutions.


The Government of India has been making several measures to bring out AYUSH based solutions for COVID-19. The Regional Raw Drug Repository for AYUSH was launched recently. Such centres will play major role in collection, documentation and demonstration of AYUSH drugs. This will help promote AYUSH based industries.




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