Indian Navy deploys P8I maritime surveillance aircraft to Seychelles

The Indian Navy for the first has deployed a P8I maritime reconnaissance aircraft to Seychelles for surveillance in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Seychelles.
The deployment has been done in accordance with the MoU signed between India and Seychelles.
The deployment will provide Professional assistance to the Seychelles People’s Defence Force (SPDF) in curbing illegal activities and piracy as well as contribute towards security and stability in the IOR.
This is the first time that Indian Navy has deployed its latest and technologically most advanced maritime reconnaissance aircraft in Seychelles.

  • This move gives India geo-strategic boost in Indian Ocean Region (IOR) that will further enhance its ability to gather intelligence and assist in surveillance operations in IOR especially vital energy lanes near Seychelles.
  • Owing to strategic importance of IOR, India has been reaching out to the smaller Indian Ocean island nations through various Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) exercises.
  • These exercises include Search and Rescue (SAR) support, oil pollution response exercises, and assistance in legal matters.
  • Besides India is also supplying naval vessels and aircrafts and supporting these oceanic countries such as Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles with training, hydrographic surveys, surveillance operations and counter-terror patrols as part of its maritime security and diplomacy.



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