Indian author Parashar Kulkarni wins 2016 Commonwealth Short Story Regional Prize

Indian author Parashar Kulkarni has won the regional Commonwealth Short Story Prize for 2016 for the Asia region.
He was bestowed with this award for his politically grounded, funny fiction story ‘Cow and Company’ about four men in search of a cow.
The short story was adjudged the ‘best piece of unpublished short fiction in English’ from Asia and will receive 2500 pounds prize.
Now Parashar Kulkarni will compete with winners from other four regions- Africa, Cananda and Europe, Carribbean and the Pacific – for the 5000 pounds grand prize to be announced at the Calabash International Literary Festival in Jamaica in June 2016.
For this prize, three authors besides Kulkarni were selected from India. They are Kritika Pandey (Dirty White Strings), Sumit Ray (Girdhar’s Mansion) and Vinayak Varma (Instant Karma).
Parashar Kulkarni is an Assistant Professor in Social Sciences at Yale NUS College Singapore.



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