India-Uzbekistan sign Agreements

On December 11, 2020, India and Uzbekistan held virtual summit to discuss bilateral relations. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with his Uzbekistan counter part during the summit. The summit mainly focused on extremism, terrorism and radicalism.
During the summit, the countries signed agreements to step up efforts of bilateral investment treaty. They also signed other agreements on renewable energy, Digital Technologies, Community development projects, cyber security, digital technologies.


India and Uzbekistan have been engaging under various formats such as India-Central Asia Dialogue. During the summit, India confirmed its approval of 448 million USD line of Credit to be extended to four development projects of Uzbekistan in the field of sewerage treatment, road construction, Information Technology.

India welcomed Uzbek proposal to hold a trilateral dialogue among India, Iran and Uzbekistan to promote the connectivity through Chabahar port. India also requested Uzbekistan to join the North-South Transport Corridor. This will provide India an overall improvement of connectivity in the Eurasian space.

India thanked Uzbekistan for its support to Indian candidature for the United Nations Security Council. Also, India congratulated Uzbekistan for its successful election to the United Nations Human Rights Council (2021-23).

India-Uzbekistan MoUs in Defence

India and Uzbekistan signed three Memorandum of Understandings in the field of Defence in 2019 to enhance cooperation in military medicine and military education.

Dustlik 2019

It is the joint military exercise held between India and Uzbekistan. The first Dustlik military exercise was held in 2019.

India-Uzbekistan Nuclear Deal

In January 2019, India and Uzbekistan signed a nuclear deal for long term of supply of Uranium to India. Uzbekistan is the seventh largest exporter of Uranium in the world. After Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan is the second central Asian country to export Uranium to India.


India and Uzbekistan have set an annual trade target of 1 billion USD. India is also trying to increase its relations with the country where China has already made inroads with the country taking advantage of its geographical contiguity.

India has offered a line of credit of 40 million USD for procurement of goods and services by Uzbekistan from India.




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