India-UN: India pledges $150,000 for UN Peacebuilding

The permanent representative of India to the United Nations, TS Tirumurti, announced the pledge of USD 150,000 to fund for the activities of the UN peacebuilding as a token for the engagement of both the countries.


  • India highlighted that; it has extended the support to the activities of the peacebuilding fund.
  • India is conscious to prioritize the building of governance structure so as to strengthen the democracy and the rule of law.
  • India also recognized the critical role played by women and youth in activities related to the peacebuilding activities.
  • Further, India also focused on the security structures and civilian structure engaged in the good governance.

United Nations Peacebuilding

The United Nations Peacekeeping operations are policing and peacebuilding actions. It is carried out by the United Nations to bring order and stability in the nations affected by the war. The UN Peacekeepers are known as ‘Blue Helmets’ or ‘Blue Berets’. They are the personnel comprising of the soldiers, military officers, police officers and civilian personnel from other countries. The Department of the Peace Operation is headed by the “Jean-Pierre”.

Functions of United Nations Peacekeepers

The United Nations Peacekeepers works to ensure peace agreements or the peace accords are successfully implemented in war prone zones.  They also help in confidence-building measures, electoral support, improving law and order and boosting the social development in the region to bring peace.

How the peacekeepers get power?

The United Nations Security Council empowers the United Nations Charter to take measures to maintain the international peace and security. Thus, the UN Security Council is engaged in deploying the peacekeepers to ensure stability and security in war prone regions.

India’s role in UN Peacebuilding

India actively takes part in the UN peacebuilding operations. So far, India has taken part in 49 Peacekeeping missions. Around 180,000 Indians troops are engaged in the mission. The most recent cooperation was in the South Sudan Conflict in the year 2014.




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