India ranked 85th in Corruption Perception List (CPI)

Transparency International has ranked India at 85th place in its Corruption Perception Index 2014 (CPI) which enlisted 178 countries. India scored 38 on a scale from 0 (most corrupt) to 100 (least corrupt). The CPI score of India has increased by 2 points in 2014 from its 2013 score of 36, thus helping India’s rank move up to 85 in 2014 from 94 in 2013.
Top 3: Denmark (Score -92), New Zealand (Score -91) and Finland (Score -89)
Bottom 4:  Afghanistan (Score -12), Sudan (Score -11), North Korea (Score -8) and Somalia (Score – 8).
India’s neighbours in Corruption Perception Index 2014

  • Bhutan was placed at 30th
  • Sri Lanka was placed at 85th rank along with India.
  • China was placed at 100th
  • Pakistan and Nepal were placed at 126th
  • Bangladesh was placed at 145th
  • Afghanistan was placed at 172th rank.

From 2012, the CPI methodology has been updated to provide for year-over-year comparisons.



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