India initiates New Visa exemption for foreigners seeking medical treatment

Following the implementation of a liberalised Medical Visa Policy, India has announced a set of new exemptions for foreigners seeking medical treatment in India. Under the new visa exemptions, foreigners seeking medical treatment in India will not have to get their primary visa converted in a medical visa.

This exemption will be applicable for foreigners obtaining indoor treatment up to 180 days (6 months) and seeking admission to a hospital due to illness. However, the treatment of diseases requiring organ transplant shall be permitted only on a Medical Visa.

New Visa Exemptions

A foreigner suffering from a minor medical condition which only needs OPD consultation or treatment may take treatment at any treatment center or hospital on primary visa without converting it into a medical visa.

India has now permitted foreigners to take indoor medical treatment on the primary visa subject to certain conditions. This will be allowed in cases where the required indoor medical treatment is for less than 180 days (6 months) or for the stay stipulation period which includes the stipulated time on the primary visa or the duration of his/ her primary visa, whichever is earlier.

Medical Visa Exemption Rules/Conditions:

Such exemption is not permitted to a foreigner of Pakistani nationality.

The concerned authorities of hospital/treatment center must furnish the details of foreigner in a prescribed format to concerned Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 24 hours after admission of foreigner in hospital for such indoor medical treatment. This includes the details of indoor medical treatment to be taken by the foreigner, duly certified by treating doctor.

It will also cover indoor medical treatment for diseases (if any) which foreigner may have been suffering even before his entry into India, but which has come to notice of treating doctor during medical diagnosis.



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