India hosts nation for conference on Global Digital Content Market (GDCM) 2018

On November 14, the conference on Global Digital Content Market (GDCM) 2018 has started in New Delhi with focus on ‘Asia Pacific region’. The 2-day conference will feature sessions on music, film, broadcasting and publishing, as well as collective management, emerging models and the implications for the market and policy makers. It is being organized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry. India has been chosen as a host nation for the conference byWorld Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) due to the strong creative industry in the country in films, music and media. GDCM 2018 is the second edition of the conference. The aim of GDCM 2018 is to give industry stakeholders a platform to come together and discuss new avenues in the films, music, gaming and creative industry along with points of challenge that is presented due to the changing creative landscape because of the disruption brought about by digital technologies.


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