India Expresses Resentment over on UNSC reforms Negotiations

New Delhi expressed strong resentment over the decision regarding roll-over of the intergovernmental negotiations (IGN) on UNSC reforms into the next session of the General Assembly. India also underlined that it will take steps to see how the goal can be realised in the next session of the UN General Assembly.

      Why India is disappointed?

  • India has said the intergovernmental negotiations on Security Council reform are being “held hostage” and used as a “convenient smokescreen” by countries that do not wish to see any changes in the most powerful UN organ
  • India is demanding tangible action to achieve the long-delayed reforms.
  • India wants a Common African Position as well as transparency and application of the General Assembly’s rules of procedure to the IGN
  • India also criticised that there has been practically no progress in IGN discussions on reform of the most powerful UN organ and no attempt has been made to capture the discussions, in a single consolidated text for negotiations.
  • India abide by its commitment to reformed multilateralism
  • India wants a tangible action towards an expanded and reformed Security Council that reflects today’s world and realities

Thus, India is fully and unequivocally in support of greater African representation in the UN Security Council and will continue to be vocal in support for Africa.





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